Welcome, to the world of tomorrow!

If you didn't read that in the Futurama voice, this isn't the site for you, friend.

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If you're new here, Welcome! If you've been here a few times before, welcome back Mom! (Just kidding, my mom would never read my site.) You may be wondering; why would someone start programming their own site from the ground up, switch to a Wordpress site once they found out it was a thing, then switch back to programming their own site, then switch back to Wordpress, just to switch back AGAIN to programming their own site? If you find the answer let me know. I know that I want to learn about things and get experience programming even in simple languages, so this works for me right now. The main thing I like about this style is that without all the bloated stuff running, this site has SPEED. Hopefully, over time, this site will also contain usefule knowledge. But don't get your hopes up...

It would be unfair not to acknowledge sites that have influenced me to have this style of site, so I would give a nod to sites like Dan Luu's and Eric S. Raymond's.

  1. Dan Luu's site

  2. Eric S. Raymond's site